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Water Resource as a Source of Conflict between Nepal and India

In case of the shared water basins, water use in the upstream can affect downstream quantity...

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Nepal- India Alignment: A Study of 1950 Treaty as an Omnibalancing

Nepal-India relation has often been attributed as a ‘special, and ‘natural’ bond, citing various instances like open border, cross-border marriages, cross- border cultural sharing and Nepal’s economic...

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Humanitarian Interventions: Great Powers' Interest or Service for Humanity

The threat of force or coercion or deterrent actions can also be taken for this regard. The issue has taken wider spaces across the varied forums around the world...

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Postal Highway: Crafting Social Fabrics across Terai of Nepal

Envisioned and promoted by the Rana prime ministers Juddha Shumsher and Padma Shumsher, it vehemently emboldens the pitiable pace of development in Nepal...

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Nepal-India Relations: Challenges and Opportunities

Nepal, as a sovereign state among the members of the United Nations, is entitled to enjoy all the facilities the land-locked states are provided which have been enshrined in the UN Charter...

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